About the Festival

The population of Märjamaa municipality is almost 7000. A lot of people here are engaged in the folk culture and therefore ,the Festival Märjamaa Folk was founded in 2006. The main objective of the Festival is to support the folk culture, to ensure its survival and to present the culture of other nations. The foreign groups are performing not only in Märjamaa during the Festival but in different places throughout the Rapla county. Festival Club where the groups are teaching their own folk dances to everyone attending the club is a very popular tradition.

In addition to concerts people can take part in different handicrafts workshops and visit the Handicrafts Fair. The main event of the Festival takes place on Saturday evening when all the groups of our municipality and all our foreign guests are performing. There is a dance party after the concert. Festival ends on Sunday with the Accordion Day.

Festival Märjamaa Folk has had the honour of hosting guests from Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Japan, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Georgia, Russia, Ireland, England, Slovakia, China, France, Chech Republic, Austria, Cyprus and Ukraine.

Märjamaa Folk
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